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What Is InnerCircle?

Put simply, InnerCircle is a closed community for cryptocurrency investors and blockchain enthusiasts to connect, strategize and talk intelligently, in an environment free from FUD, Trolls or Scammers. Members are strongly vetted. It is also a hub of strategy, information and education developed by the Descrypto team. Our focus is strategy, with our current series of ICO Analysis for upcoming ICOs which we have hand selected as being legitimate, worthy of consideration projects, through a careful review process.


InnerCircle is, first and foremost, an online interactive FUD-free, Troll-free, community for serious investors to access and share, quality feedback, advice, help, support and content. Anyone looking for a smarter, more focused, level-headed environment to learn and connect are welcome, regardless of experience or knowledge within this space.


Beginning with our ICO Analysis series, we are providing InnerCircle members with a monthly strategic report that outlines our carefully reviewed and vetted "picks" for upcoming ICO investment opportunities. We are also providing further strategy through the community forum and newsletter.

How To

InnerCircle members have access to online how-to guides, tutorials and videos which are updated regularly. The How To training section focuses on simplified, straight forward step-by-step "How Do I.." for the various and complex tasks involved in crypto-investing.

Meet The Team

John Westbrook
Co-founder / Crypto Strategist

John has 20 years entrepreneurial experience as a technology consultant and is a published poet. He has been heavily involved in the cryptocurrency space for a little over a year. His fascination and passion for blockchain technology, ethereum and cryptocurrency investing led to the formation of He is always exploring ways to help others navigate the challenges of cryptocurrency and become successful crypto-investors.

Jeff Hunt
Co-founder / Investment Strategist

Jeff is the author of “The Website Investor: The Guide to Buying an Online Website Business for Passive Income” He has purchased over 300 income producing websites and makes his living from his website portfolio. He is a former IBM Project Executive and advisor to Cloud Income Properties, and a current block-chain evangelist.

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